STAR TREK Getting Set for TV Return?

Written by Dominic Cuthbert Monday, 30 March 2015

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In the run up to STAR TREK’s 50th anniversary, there’s a mad scramble to get a third film in the rebooted-not-a-reboot trilogy in cinemas, and with the passing of Leonard Nimoy it’s seems even more pressing to deliver the goods. But the question on every fan’s lips is the fate of the franchise on the small screen.

A new report claims that a new STAR TREK series might just be in the works. Latino Review is reporting that CBS is indeed currently working to bring the series back to TV, with hopes to bring in Bryan Singer as an executive producer through his production company Bad Hat Harry. LR go on to state that CBS is looking to bring on the members of the team on the defunct STAR TREK: FEDERATION, a 2006 project which went nowhere because of J.J. Abrams film.

Director Christopher McQuarrie (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION), writer Geoffrey Thorne (THE LIBRARIANS), and producer Robert Meyer Burnett were all involved in FEDERATION, which would have been set in a future well ahead of DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER. A smart move, as it’d allow a pretty fresh start rather than desperately trying to rehash past glories. It’s also believed that Burnett’s own fan film, STAR TREK: AKANAR, could be used as the initial guideline in order to budget a new TREK series.

But when i09 reached out to Bunrett for comment he shot down any notion that he was involved in any plans to bring the franchise to TV. Burnett claimed, “All of the FEDERATION information is true… but we did that TEN YEARS AGO. The treatment was written but effectively killed when J.J. took over. It never went further than the treatment… and no one ever pitched it… and I don’t know if Geoffrey wrote a full script. While I have been working on AXANAR, and we are building sets, etc… I know NOTHING about a new CBS Trek series. As for currently working on something with Skydance? NO COMMENT (but if I WERE, it is NOT related to TREK in any way).”

Of course, take all of the above with a galactic pinch of salt, but this might just be the rumblings of TREK’s return.

Expect more on this if and when it develops.


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