ARROW Reveals Suited-Up First Look at a New Hero

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 12 November 2014

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Right, firstly, if you’ve not started watching Season 3 of ARROW just yet, there are some pretty hefty spoilers ahead. Something pretty major happens at the end of the first episode and this latest news relates to that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


So, when ARROW returned to the small screen for Season 3 it made a big, bold move with the end of its first episode by killing off Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance, aka Canary. Since then, the show has featured the quest for Sara’s killer as a major part of the season’s arc. But to take things right back to the start of the show a few years ago, as soon as it was announced that Katie Cassidy was to play Laurel Lance in the Emerald Archer-centric show, that left many wondering if Laurel would ever go on to take on the Black Canary mantle that Dinah Lance has held for so long in the comic book world. Without question, this new season has seen the revenge-driven Laurel taking some pretty huge steps towards finally becoming some form of Black Canary/Canary, not least being trained by Ted Grant, himself the hero Wildcat in the comic books. A few weeks ago saw Cassidy take to her social media networks in order to reveal herself being fitted for a mask of sorts, and now comes some official images from The CW that show Cassidy’s Laurel Lance in full-on Canary mode.


Now we knew this day was going to come, but it seems a little premature of The CW to throw out these images when Cassidy won’t officially don the get-up until the tenth episode, titled LEFT BEHIND, of this current season. It’s also unknown at this stage whether Laurel will simply take on the Canary name that was used by her sister or whether she’ll dub herself Black Canary. If you ask us, our money’s on the latter.

In fairness to the character of Laurel Lance, she’s come on leaps and bounds in Season 3. So often a downer on such a fantastic show, the character is getting some meat put on her bones this season. And we mean that literally as well as figuratively, as Katie Cassidy has made it clear that she’s been hitting the gym hard over the last few months.

Episode 3 of Season 3 of ARROW airs on Sky1 tomorrow at 8pm, and you can find our review of the episode here.


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