Final Weekend to Support GERRY ANDERSON'S FIRESTORM's Kickstarter Campaign

Written by Andrew Pollard Saturday, 01 November 2014

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The son of an icon, Jamie Anderson recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get a new Gerry Anderson project off the ground. GERRY ANDERSON'S FIRESTORM quickly reached its initial target and then also hit a ‘stretch goal’ that was given in order to create the island lair of Black Orchid, the villain of the piece. Having reached that target in a remarkable 96 hours, now comes one final push to reach the new ‘stretch goal’ of £135,000 which would result in a 22 minute pilot episode coming to fruition. The closing date for any pledges for the project is tomorrow at 10:30pm.

To give the specifics, here’s part of the project’s recent press release:

Fans of iconic Gerry Anderson shows like Space: 1999, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Thunderbirds can now back the project to help fund the pilot episode in return for special limited edition rewards from props and collector edition DVDs, to set visits and film credits.

Firestorm is a Gerry Anderson concept that was originally produced and released by a Japanese company as an anime series across Japan and South East Asia in 2003. This new version of the Gerry Anderson concept has been redeveloped from Gerry’s original synopsis and story outline documents.

The funding already raised from the Kickstarter campaign now ensures that a mini pilot episode will be made with a new filming technique called ‘Ultramarionation’, the next stage in evolution from the famous ‘Supermarionation’ technique of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, using a combination of puppetry, practical effects, physical props and sets, and model miniatures.

Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment and son of Gerry Anderson, MBE, says, “Over 1,000 fans from all over the world have rallied round to help get my dad’s project off the ground. Now that we’ve raised the extra money needed, I’m looking forward to destroying my father’s Black Orchid legacy in an almighty and thunderous explosion!”

The campaign has already raised enough to produce a 5-8 minute minisode introducing some of the characters and storyline elements of the series. The next ‘stretch goals’ will allow for further development of characters, storyline, scenes and explosions up to a 22 minute pilot episode if £135,000 is raised and a full 45 minute feature episode if £342,000 is raised.

As Mr Anderson sums it up, “The worldwide support for Firestorm from Gerry Anderson fans has been fantastic, and we’re now hoping to raise enough money for a full-length feature episode.  With a fair wind and a bit more luck, Firestorm will be on your TV screen in the very near future!”

For further information, see

With a closing date of 10:30pm tomorrow, be sure to visit Kickstarter to pledge your support.


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