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Starburst Bonus Podcast 22nd March 2012

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Starburst Radio Podcast

Stardate 22nd March 2012...

[The Starburst Radio 1st Birthday Special Bonus Episode]

In which Mike Royce reveals the nice guy of ‘Red Dwarf’, reminisces over the Doctors broken companion, outs Kris’s bad habit to his mum, and blows the lid off ‘The National Leprechaun Museum’. Kris Heys hates Actor recycling, is happy to have Catherine Tate in the office, reviews ‘The Madness of Ken Barlow’, and provides the complete guide to ‘The Garbage Pail Kids’. The new ‘Doctor Who’ companion is discussed, Underscore Bobby Mo is happy, and we bring you ‘Celebrity Blow-Ups – Part 2’…

All recordings are issued under official license from Manchester Radio Online.

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