Starburst Radio Podcast 19th February 2012

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Starburst Radio Podcast

Stardate 19th February 2012...

[In very impressive ‘Regularvision’]
In which Mike Royce goes major Troll Hunting reveals the truth behind the British Home Stores Escalator Massacre, discovers anti-curb crawling power walking, and throws down the gauntlet over Sequels with a ‘Too’. Kris Heys chastises Jenny R. Gutter, doesn’t acknowledge ‘2D’, exposes the truth behind pebbled nipples and tails, destroys the real ITV, and searches for the secret of the ooze. Artie fufkin returns just as Starburst Magazine hits the Newsstands. Ghost Rider – Spirit Of Vengeance is reviewed, ‘Little House On The Fairy’ doesn’t get greenlit, and ‘Avengersgate’ drags Starburst into a media furore. Who on Earth is allowing this Show on the air?
[Not sponsored by Red Bull – Yet!]

All recordings are issued under official license from Manchester Radio Online.

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