Starburst Radio Podcast Episode 7.8 - Invitation to a Swindig


Starburst Radio Podcast

Episode 7.8: Invitation to a Swindig

In which Mike Royce links CGI to a diminishing cinema experience, wonders if the ‘superhero squeeze’ might claim Valerian as its next victim, and is never really in the mood for being ‘Zimmered’. Martin Unsworth pleads the case for more fantasy airplanes, drifts slightly into the musical mainstream, and pays yet another visit to a celebrity grave. STARBURST Magazine gets a bogeymen boost, Doctor Who goes back to the late seventies for its newest release, The Simpsons prepare to hit cinemas with a comeback that no-one asked for, and Planet Earth shudders as Emma Peel drops the C-Bomb.

[Warning: Content may contain guilty pleasures]

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