Starburst Radio Podcast Episode 7.1 - The Return of Joey Deacon


Starburst Radio Podcast

Episode 7.1: The Return of Joey

In which Kris Heys attempts to cope with the aftermath of the recent tragedy, reveals his scariest movie experience ever, and re-lives The Attack of the BMX Bandits. Mike Royce fails to secure his coveted Star Trek Cuckoo Clock, dishes out Roddy McDowell themed facial injuries, and says goodbye to his childhood hero. Whilst Martin Unsworth buggers off to see KISS. The movies of 2017 are discussed, Alien: Covenant is reviewed, and has Doctor Who really got any better? STARBURST Radio returns to bring you a chaotic mix of franchise chaos, bad attitude, and a little too much alcohol…

[Warning: Don’t Be Dusting Off, 7 year old Soundbytes!]

All recordings are issued under official license from Fab Radio International.

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