Starburst Radio Podcast Episode 6.19 - FaceSpock in Nicam Stereo


Starburst Radio Podcast

Episode 6.19: FaceSpock in Nicam Stereo

In which Martin Unsworth has to choose between screaming or a park, and prefers to watch Cheaters with Robin Askwith. Mike Royce Would be happy to see the back of his roman numerals, and reveals what went on in the mountains in Russia. “Keith Lemon” is finally tracked down by Shauna, and a reminisce over Frankie Howard and Bob Monkhouse leads to sausage on the dancefloor.

[Warning: Contains Polystyrene]

Sponsored by Arrow Films

All recordings are issued under official license from Fab Radio International.

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0 #3 Matt 2016-06-15 08:36
Ta muchly Mr Royce :)
0 #2 Jordan Royce -Editor 2016-06-14 17:19
Hi Matt,

We had to lose the player as it was causing problems with the feed for iTunes, and it did not have a mechanism for selecting backwards and forwards throughout the episode.

The show now has to be listened to via the iTunes player, and not listened to via the site that the link takes you to. That page is merely the page from which you can download the iTunes Player itself (it can be found at the top of the page). Simply download the iTunes Player, go to the iTunes Store, search for Starburst Radio and then subscribe. Every episode is then downloaded for you to listen to the minute we release it. You can pause, and move backwards and forwards through the episodes. It is a far better platform and we simply had to move with the times. Sorry if it has been disruptive.

Jordan Royce
0 #1 Matt 2016-06-14 14:16

You used to be able to listen to your splendid Starburst Radio Podcast straight from the horses mouth so to speak but now only available on iTunes. Problem is theres no pause button & if you stop for any reason it sends you back to the beginning. Very very frustrating. Can anything be done please, introduction of a pause button per chance???

Many thanks :)

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