Starburst Radio Podcast 30th October 2011

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Starburst Radio Podcast

Stardate 30th October 2011...

[The Official STARBURST Top Ten Greatest Horror Movies]

In which Kris Heys engages in Twick or Tweet ,  introduces everyone to ‘Kickstarter’, issues warnings about spelunking, and exposes the secret peas of Orson Welles. Mike Royce really likes ‘Livid’, tells the saga of ‘The Man Turned Fridge’, and sorts out the Zombies from the Goblins. ‘Airwolf’ shoots down ‘Blue Thunder’, ‘Happy Home Invaders’ has it’s first script meeting, Manimal, Fisher Stevens, Fridgebots, and The Reverend H Chronicles all make unexpected cameos  …

[Happy Halloween - Starburst Style]

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