TV Review: ARROW Season 2, Episode 15 'The Promise'

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We pick up this latest episode of Arrow exactly where we left off last time out, as Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) introduces son Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) to her new mayoral-backer Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). From here on, we get to see some major developments in Oliver and Slade’s relationship in island flashback form, and we get to see the uneasy modern-day reunion of these ‘brothers.’

It’s safe to say, that stuff we’ve seen coming to a head on the island… things have gotten explosive. Oliver, Slade and Sara (Caity Lotz) set in motion their plan to attack Anthony Ivo (Dylan Neal) and his freighter, seizing control of the ship and hopefully plotting a way back to humanity. Getting into full-on attack mode, we see Oliver don the green hood for the first time, and Slade adds a very familiar-looking mask to his outfit. With Slade seeking revenge on Ivo for killing Shado, the only girl he ever loved, Sara realises that her or Oliver must get to Ivo first and kill him, removing him from the equation and from being able to pin Shado’s death on Ollie. This leads to internal conflict within our Emerald Archer-in-waiting, for he has hesitancy in this proposed killing of Ivo. The alternative, though, is that Ivo manipulates Slade into believing that Oliver was responsible for Shado’s death, causing the mirakuru-filled Wilson to lose the plot. We’ll leave you guessing at to which of these options actually occurs.

Back to the present, where we find Slade, complete with eye-patch, working his charm on the Queen ladies, even getting himself a grand tour of the Queen household and its art exhibits. When Oliver manages to get word back to the “Arrow-cave” that Slade is in Starling City, Sara explains the seriousness of this revelation to the team and heads to the Queen mansion with Diggle (David Ramsey) and Roy (Colton Haynes). What follows is a tense standoff of sorts, as Oliver and Slade look to keep face amongst the Queen family, with Oliver coming off as looking like a dick, but there’s an underlying sense of what’s to come. As Wilson quips to Queen, “Not yet, kid.” Indeed.

Another good episode from Arrow, The Promise has set up plenty of questions for the rest of the season. Generally, the main part of the Arrow show that grabs the attention has been the modern-day shenanigans of the Emerald Archer. With The Promise, the island flashbacks are now just as interesting and have a whole host of questions that need answering. One thing’s for certain, the parallel rises of Arrow and Deathstroke will make for fascinating viewing. And getting to see Deathstroke, complete with mask, slicing through countless bodies was cool as hell.

Dear Arrow team, please continue to produce such brilliant episodic television. Thanks, the Starburst team.

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