TV Review: ATLANTIS Season 1, Episode 12 + 13, 'Touched by the Gods' Parts 1 & 2

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Season 1 bows out in a two-part story that answered many questions and changed some but not all of the lives of the central characters, but that also avoided trying to tackle absolutely everything. This of course leaves us with plenty for Season 2.

The first part has Jason trying to act out of character; reminded of his deal with Circe to kill her sister (Pasiphae), Jason sets out to kill the queen. Although he gets to her bedchamber he is unable to kill her in cold blood. The queen is awoken, alarm ensues and Jason spends the night with Ariadne, wounded. Jason resolves to face up to Circe and after a brief fight manages to kill her. But as a result of his dithering, Ariadne is convicted of treason for aiding an unnamed would-be assassin and sentenced to death by burning alive inside a bronze bull!

Part 2 is action-packed and starts with the rescue of Ariadne. Upon advice from the Oracle, they head for an abandoned silver mine where they are aided by a colony of lepers. The leader of these is Tychon (John Hannah), whom we quickly identify as Jason’s father. In the ensuing conflict Pasiphae’s son is killed by Jason, Ariadne is re-taken back to Atlantis to face execution and Pasiphae has Jason’s life in her hands until Tychon reveals the big secret! Spoiler alert – Jason is the son of Tychon and Pasiphae.

Things get worse for Pasiphae upon her return to Atlantis, when she learns that King Minos has recovered from his poisoning (aided in no small way by the Oracle) and Ariadne is freed.

Despite the padding we've come to expect, this is a strong conclusion to the series that manages to keep most of the characters in play for the next series and changes the rules for Pasiphae, who has been the most interesting character throughout the thirteen episodes. The Oracle has her best episode yet and we have landed in an interesting place setting things up for the next series. Judged on its own merits as teatime entertainment it scores a…

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