TV Review: ATLANTIS Season 1, Episode 8 'The Furies'

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Atlantis Series One, Episode Eight 'Furies' Review

At last, after over half the series, we get to explore some of Pythagoras’s backstory, triggered by the unexpected arrival of his younger brother Arcas (Will Merrick, previously from Skins). Arcas arrives just as our heroes have been engaged (at enormous expense) to help guard a chest of treasure on the way to Helios.

The treasure is a red herring and acts merely as a device to set a group of people on a journey across the desert. Here we have a mix of feisty female thief, giant murderer who has served his time, rich man’s son on his way to Helios to marry and a gritty trail leader. None of these characters manages to lift themselves beyond being one-dimensional and the plot such as it is fairs no better. Arcas’ father was murdered long ago. The murderer, he discovers, is one of the party. Arcas summons the Furies to wreak revenge. The Furies go straight for Pythagoras who, guess what, killed their father who was violent towards their mother. Arcas forgives Pythagoras and all ends happily.

Despite great CGI effects for the Furies, this is a predictable tale that struggles to keep the viewer gripped.


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