TV Review: ATLANTIS Season 1, Episode 7 'The Rules of Engagement'

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Atlantis Season 1, Episode 7 'The Rules of Engagement'

This week's episode sees the staging of a brutal fighting contest which not only gets to reuse the ubiquitous arena set but also allows for most of the programme to revolve around watching bare-chested warriors fight for the glory of Poseidon. The tournament is one that Heptarian has never lost, which is as well given that the tournament is being staged to mark his impending nuptials with Ariadne.

Jason is far from happy that Ariadne is marrying Heptarian, but she understands the greater political need. Jason’s response is to enter the tournament himself. Thing is, he may have exceptional speed but he has no training and lacks some skills that he would have acquired had he actually been born in Atlantis. The fighting gives lots of chances for moody looks from Ariadne and for Heptarian to prove himself the villain with his habit of routinely killing those he fights in the arena to the disgust of the crowd.

Of course, the finale is a Jason vs. Heptarian contest in which Jason defeats Heptarian by allowing him the chance to kill him. This gives Ariadne the opportunity to contest her engagement and things are back as they were. Or are they?

Again Sarah Parish steals almost every scene she is in: she increases her control over an ever more isolated Ariadne, she poisons King Minos with a slow toxin that feigns illness and even kills Ariadne’s servant Korrina (played by Hanah Arterton). Regular viewers will also be pleased that, after last week’s romantic debacle, Hercules and Medusa have repaired the damage in their relationship and we also get some good back story on Hercules. A solid episode that powers up the story arc but spends too long in the arena.

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