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The IT Crowd Special Review

After a hiatus of what seems like forever, the closest thing British telly has to a version of The Big Bang Theory finally makes a welcome return to our screens. Sadly, it is not part of a new series, but a one-off double episode special. However, it has still been worth the wait.

Everyone is back for this episode – Jen (Parkinson), Roy (O’Dowd), Moss (Ayoade) and Reynholm (Berry) all return in their splendidly idiotic and socially inept ways, and they really put themselves in it this time. Jen has fallen in love with the European barista at the local coffee shop and Roy tags along to find out just how great the coffee is. Only his appearance puts the barista off his game and the steaming hot beverage is so bad that Jen throws it away without looking – straight into the face of a tramp. Meanwhile, Roy’s coffee is made by a little person barista who can hardly see above the counter, also giving a sub-par drink. The barista follows him outside and an argument ensues, with the little person ending up in a traffic accident with a pair of breasts. Jen and Roy’s social faux pas are caught on camera and spread across the internet like wildfire, causing them both to be vilified and hunted by even Anonymous.

Reynholm threatens to fire them due to the bad press for his company, but he’s a bit preoccupied with appearing on Secret Millionaire. He does, however, find time to instil in Moss the secret of exuding confidence – women’s slacks. So Moss buys some and finds that both himself and his new internet-based board game show, Game Board, have a new lease of life.

Add to these issues some over-abundant pepper spray, the return of Richmond and one of the best reversal of fortunes endings in sitcom history and you have a triumphant epilogue to the programme.

It’s a real shame that they couldn’t make another series, but it’s a welcome cameo return to the TV for the show. And as they say in show business, always leave them wanting more.

The IT Crowd Special will air on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday 27th September.

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