TV Review: MISFITS Series 4, Episode 6

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A chaotic house party, sex numbers on foreheads and a murderous White Rabbit in a suit. All this combines to make the most enjoyable episode so far of Misfits fourth series.

Finn, Jess and Alex, at Rudy's recommendation, attend a messy house party in a block of flats. No sooner have they walked through the door than someone's power starts playing up – each of the youngsters has their number of sexual conquests indelibly marked on their head. For Rudy it's the number 99 (which sends him off looking for a 'centenary fuck') and Finn the number 1. Meanwhile, Rudy's mate is tripping out, claiming that the 'White Rabbit' is out to get them. As the party guests are bumped off one by one, it seems that this paranoid stoner may not be entirely wrong. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

And very fetching the White Rabbit looks too. With his enormous head, snazzy black suit and demonic red eyes, he's like something out of a very British slasher movie. The golf club is a great weapon too. It might not be as effective as Freddy's glove or Jason's machete, but he gets a good few whacks in to kidnap Jess and knock out Finn. It's hardly a Bunnyman Massacre though (an actual film, which no-one should on any account seek out) as the White Rabbit manages to notch up just one kill over the course of the episode. It's particularly infuriating that his appearances come just before the show's advert breaks, leaving us never really getting a proper taste of this monster.

The show's sense of humour is, thankfully, back to its best. The singular setting and tight plot keeps the episode reigned in, the characters trapped in close quarters. Outside of the party, there's Rudy and Finn attempting to 'pull' at a wake. These scenes are like those of Will Ferrell's cameo in Wedding Crashers, and equally funny. Even more surprising – the lads actually succeed in their quest for nookie, and Rudy actually makes an emotional connection with a real, actual, girl. She deserts him at the last minute though, devastating the mouthiest Misfit. As with their encounter with Abby, at the party, we'll be picking up this particular strand in a later episode.

Episode six has Misfits back on track. It's funny, lewd, inventive and even a little scary. All the characters even manage to be likeable this week – especially newcomer Abby, helping Jess to not be the only girl in an increasingly male-dominated show.

Next week: the curious case of Alex's penis.

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-1 #2 weenie 2012-12-05 00:09
Just noticed the picture you've used for the review isn't from the current's a pretty old one lol!
+1 #1 weenie 2012-12-05 00:07
Definitely the best episode so far in the series. I thought it was all going downhill with none of the original cast left (after Curtis went) but it can only get better (and funnier) with the next episode!

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