TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM Episode 2 'Tricks Or Treats'

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Now that the main cast has been introduced, let’s start turning your opinions of them arse-over-head. That’s what American Horror Story: Asylum is doing and it’s only episode two.

The bookending sequence from modern times is kept mercifully short but we do start to get our first proper look at Bloody Face. If it’s a mask or a face is still the question though. And remember we thought alien abduction mentalist Kit (Evan Peters) was the serial killer? Well think again.

While the series has been unashamedly brash in introducing its characters as right monstrous members of society, ironically it has been a bit shy in bringing in any genuine paranormal activity. So let’s have an exorcism. Queue Zachary Quinto’s series debut as a visiting psychiatrist who disapproves of such barbaric practices in the enlightened times of 1964 – and then takes part with no further explanation. Even his lauded science gets away without a “told you so” from the good doctor’s nemesis, Sister Jude.

With enough nutters in the mad house already his Dr Oliver Thredson has no choice but to play the small voice of sanity, which is a shame as Quinto has his own trademark brand of smouldering violence that we aren’t likely to see. But who knows? With the writers able to turn about-face and show quick glimpses of the humanity behind some of the show’s biggest bastards and make you think again about exactly how good the goodies are, there’s hope for Zac to go nuts yet.

Like the new inmates, the audience is beginning to find its groove now with all the sub plots beginning to play out but the only thing still unsettled is the main plot itself. If we are watching a ghost story, slasher flick, '50s alien abduction, redemptive prison break or other genre remains to be seen.

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