ARROW Season 3, Episode 18 'Public Enemy'

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Public Enemy sees The Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) troubles amped up another level, with the Starling City Police Department on his back in a serious way. As such, Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) reintroduces the anti-vigilante task force as he’s “determined to end it tonight”. An arrest warrant is issued for the Emerald Archer and each and every one of his accomplishes.

Elsewhere, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) saves the day and literally takes a bullet (okay, an arrow) for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and winds up in hospital and in a bad way. It turns out that Ray has a blood clot, for which he conveniently has some shrinking nanotech that could help. The only issue is that the medical staff refuse to allow such a procedure to take place. Luckily Mama Smoak (Charlotte Ross) randomly turns up on the scene just in time to allow Felicity to begrudgingly inject Ray with his creation. Could this miniature tech lead to a more “Atom” Atom? Why, we’d certainly hope so. Rather than Iron Man-lite, maybe he can finally get to being Ant-Man-lite.

Over to the flashback moments of Public Enemy, and here we pick things up with Oliver Queen bumping into the presumed-dead Shado (Celina Jade). The thing is, Shado is still totally, totally dead. Yep, in a twist right out of a comic book, this “Shado” is actually revealed to be Mei, the twin sister of Shado. Riiiiiight, of course. This element of the episode highlights the importance of revealing painful truths at certain times, with the truth allowing pain to heal. And so Oliver confirms to Mei that, yes, both her sister and father are indeed dead as the proverbial dodo.

Flipping back to the present day, the mission to find The Arrow gets elevated even further once Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) has Captain Lance kidnapped. His reasoning? Why, being an obvious total bastard, he merely does it so that he can break the news to Lance that Oliver Queen is The Arrow. As a result, we see the search for The Arrow intensify when Lance holds a press conference to reveal that the man under the hood is Ollie. Lance’s logic is that (in true Batman style) Oliver Queen is responsible for the glut of masks, both good and bad, in the world by this point. From here on out, there’s almost a heist feel to the episode, with Starling City’s finest trying to hit Oliver Queen at any possible locale. Of course, the crew are hiding out at Diggle’s (David Ramsey) temporarily before Oliver realises that there’s only one thing that he can do to stop all of this: hand himself in.

With Oliver Queen having handed himself in, we get some brilliant back and forth between he and Captain Lance, particularly impactful when Lance actually strikes Ollie. Safe to say, Ra’s al Ghul has truly done a number on Mr. Queen, having successfully turned his own city against him in an attempt to get Queen to cave and agree to replace Ra’s as the top of the League of Assassins. But hold on, what’s that?!?! Why, that’d be a twist on the horizon, as The Arrow just so happens to turn up on the scene. Under the hood is Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), who is seemingly taking the fall for his mentor.

Public Enemy is one of the better episodes of the season so far and one that you really did not want to end. Key to the success of the episode is the manipulation of Ra’s al Ghul, always being one step ahead of Oliver and playing some dark game of cat and mouse with the man he sees fit to replace him. There’s also a few timely mentions of the deceased Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), not least Ra’s talking to Quentin about his daughter, and also Oliver playing the ‘Sara card’ when trying to convince Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) to assist him in taking down Maseo (Karl Rune). And yes, this is the episode where we finally get to see Oliver and Maseo properly throw down… well, until it gets interrupted, obviously.

The intensity of this episode is most impressive, with a high octane, chase feel to this latest outing. To add further to the enjoyment, there’s even a brief moment of Tatsu (Rila Fukushima) wielding her famed katana during the flashback moments of the episode. And then there’s the confirmation that Felicity doesn't actually love Ray Palmer and that all of her goo-goo eyes are still directed in the direction of one Oliver Queen. How that plays out, we’ll have to wait and see. But speaking of Ray, it does seem a little odd to see him essentially flat line only to them be completely, totally, honestly, really 100% recovered by the time Public Enemy comes to a close. Expect that tech to play a part in his hero development in the future, mind.

Another strong episode for Arrow, and there’s further big happenings on the very near horizon. From all accounts and snippets of interviews, it seems as if the next outing is going to see somebody die. Some corners suggest Roy, others suggest Digg, others dare to suggest Felicity (really?!?!), but this particular keyboard warrior is thinking that it could very well be Akio (Brandon Nomura), the son of the Yamashiros.

If these last episodes of Season 3 are anywhere near as gripping as the last episode of Season 2, you’d best get stocked up on fresh pants and stiff drinks.


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0 #3 Andrew Pollard 2015-04-11 16:48
By the looks of it, Ollie will end up having to take the Ra's mantle, before the finale of Season 3 sees him realise that he can be just as relevant as plain old Oliver Queen and so step back away from the League. That's my guess.

As for the dying, the trailers suggest Roy, the shocker would be Felicity, and the 'family man' Diggle would be another heartbreaker. I'm fully expecting Akio to have bitten the bullet at some point before we've seen the modern (and fragmented) Yamashiros. Also wouldn't be totally surprised if someone else bites it before the season's out. There's too much you can do with Roy (just seen the books!), Felicity is too valuable a character in terms of fan response, so the likely candidates are Digg or Captain Lance. Maybe Lance makes some sort of sacrifice down the line...
0 #2 Andrew Marshall 2015-04-10 12:56
Maybe I’m missing something, but I'm still not entirely clear on what Ra's endgame is. Oliver clearly has neither the desire nor the personality to run an international network of assassins, so I don't see what Ra's expects to happen after Oliver take up his mantle under extreme duress.
0 #1 Andrew Marshall 2015-04-10 12:55
While it was a bit naff about Shado suddenly having a twin, it was certainly better than Shado suddenly still being alive, as this would have effectively rendered Deathstroke's rampage (and thus much of the magnificent season 2) completely meaningless.

Felicity will NOT die. I will not allow it! She's far too awesome. And gorgeous. And adorable. She's like Daryl in The Walking Dead; if she's offed there will be rioting. I think you could be right about Akio being on borrowed time, as he was rather conspicuously absent when Maseo and Tatsu saved Oliver after being 'killed' by Ra's al Ghul, and something significant evidently happened that drove the spouses apart.

Also agree that the interaction between Lance and Oliver was utterly fantastic.

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