THE FLASH Season 1, Episode 4 'Going Rogue'

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Having delivered three stellar episodes so far, this week The Flash sees the addition of long-time Flash foe Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), aka DC’s Captain Cold. Elsewhere, Team Arrow’s Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) pays Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) a visit, whilst Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is just a tad, err, frosty about the relationship between partner Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) and daughter Iris (Candice Patton).

Going Rogue starts things off by going back; back to Barry Allen’s first appearance during Season 2 of sister show Arrow. It’s here that we get to reminisce about the bumbling, science-babbling burgeoning romance that seemed to be ignited between Barry and Miss Smoak, and it doesn’t take long for Felicity to turn up in the episode. And whilst Felicity is making her return to the life of Barry Allen here, it doesn’t take long for Leonard Snart to make his mark during his Flash debut. Starting the episode as part of a gang of crooks attempting to steal a crystal, the addition of a badass weapon, a parka that would make Liam Gallagher proud, and some glare-stopping goggles give Snart an upgrade from average Joe to a formidable foe for our titular hero. If that wasn’t enough to keep Barry busy, earlier moments of Going Rogue also give us an insight into just how our (still to be called) Flash keeps himself busy when not saving lives and slapping around the bad guys. Any excuse to play Operation is fine with us.

On the subject of The Flash, whilst the wrong ‘uns of Starling City are starting to take note of this new kid on the block, it seems that Iris is becoming the Scarlet Speedster’s biggest fan. And whilst Iris is a big fan of the man being referred to as The Streak, it’s apparent that father Joe isn’t a fan at all of the relationship that’s developed between his daughter and his partner. Sticking with that topic, Going Rogue also sees Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) majorly pissed off with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) after a certain piece of cooler-than-an-ice-cream-sundae tech goes missing. So far the show has often ended with several creepy Wells moments, but this is the first time we’ve seen him show some anger out in the open. But still, we’re not any smarter on just what Wells’ M.O. is and just who he really is.

Whilst there’s a lot going on in this latest episode of the show, it’s only fair that Emily Bett Rickards and Wentworth Miller get some time in the sun. Much like Felicity is often depicted as the glue that holds Team Arrow together, here she uses her experience and skills to smooth over some potential cracks in the dynamic between Barry and his chums at S.T.A.R. Labs. Similarly, she also acts as the voice of the audience here, asking the logical questions to the S.T.A.R. Labs crew about Barry’s condition and its potential repercussions. And while Felicity is a reassuring voice for Barry Allen et al, the tones of Wentworth Miller are absolutely perfect for Leonard Snart. From the moment he deadpans “Hey, cool it” early on, Snart has your attention. There's some pun-tastic mouthfuls of dialogue, yet all are handled in just the right way. Slow, methodical, callous and clinical, this adaptation of a character often seen as a C-level joke in the comic book world has huge potential to be something special. Now Captain Cold is never going to fill the role of the main villain of a season-long arc, but we just hope that he’ll get to dip his icy toes into The Flash at regular intervals – it certainly appears that he’ll be appearing at least once more in Barry Allen’s future. But safe to say, Miller completely nails the character, giving an eerie, calculating calmness to a villain often mocked in other formats.

Going Rogue is another great episode of The Flash, delivering some genuine laughs (particularly an awkward scene between Joe and Eddie), some major setbacks for our hero, a truly impressive villain for The Flash to go up against, and even further easter eggs for long-time DC fans. At this early stage, already the show has created something beautiful in how it depicts Barry Allen in action; the cutting technique, pacing, angles, intensity, and frenetic energy all mixing together to produce something spectacular to watch. With such a strong start to The Flash, this Barry Allen lad certainly seems to have the legs to forge some great television. Now let’s see if he can keep up the pace for the rest of the season.


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