TROUSER BAR (Short Film)

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Now here’s something of an oddity, and one that on face value would not appeal to STARBURST readers. Anyone following the controversy surrounding this ‘gay porn’ short will be aware that the appeal to lovers of cult movies is that the screenwriter - unnamed on the film, but widely recognised (by everyone except those who look after his Trust) was a rather prominent classical actor of yesteryear. The producer and driving force at getting the film made and certainly who took all the flak when it came to getting a release is David McGillivray, famous for his work with exploitation legends Pete Walker and Norman J. Warren.

The action, shall we say, takes place in a small gentleman’s outfitters on the high street. As the mannequins are being dressed in the window, a young man enters and requires a fitting. The staff, of course, are very willing to help and go above and beyond the call of duty to service the handsome and well-built man’s needs.  If that sounds incredibly salacious and seedy, then it’s probably because it is. It’s also rather funny, and as it’s all set to a pumping disco soundtrack, it’s a perfect pastiche of what people expect older porn films to look and sound like. 
As the action gets going, there’s a steady stream of onlookers at the store front. They can’t believe their eyes, and they certainly won’t believe the effect what they’re witnessing will have on them.

Now, it goes without saying that Trouser Bar won’t be for everyone. As hard to believe as it is, there are still some people so narrow-minded that they won’t accept that ‘other’ sexual tastes actually exist and happen - or at least are very uncomfortable being confronted by it. Which, one could guess is the whole point of the film. Having the crowd gather - and they are a varied bunch, and at points include legendary comedy writer Barry Cryer, actor Nigel Havers, and comedian Julian Clary. From big builder types to bookish looking nerds, they are all transfixed by what’s going on in the changing rooms of the shop. And you know what? It’s a perfectly natural reaction. Curiosity is normal.

It’s just a shame that we can’t openly discuss the screenwriter, whose vision and passion for men’s trousers - particularly corduroy - gave him such pleasure in his lifetime. That the Trust looking after his ‘interests’ are stuck with an attitude of shame about the great thespian’s personal life is indicative of the attitudes of some. If only for that reason, this is STARBURST material. We don’t cover ‘adult’ entertainment as such, but when it comes with such a pedigree, it’s hard to ignore.

Above all else, that soundtrack is damn infectious.



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