Movie Review: Zombie Ass - Toilet of the Dead

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Review: Zombie Ass - Toilet of the Dead (TBC) / Directed by: Noboru Iguchi / Written by: Noboru Iguchi, Ao Murata, Jun Tsugita / Starring: Asami, Danny, Kentaro Kishi / Release Date: Japan February 2012, UK (TBC)

Clearly one of the funniest horror/comedies I've seen in a long time! Japanese cult director, Noboru Iguchi, who brought us Karate Robo Zaborgar; a hilarious homage to the 60's Japanese TV shows of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, Space Giants and Ultraman, shows he is in his element once again.

From the opening credits where we have an assortment of beauties gyrating their behinds into the camera while eating ice cream bars to a rock and roll beat the story takes us into a group of misfit friends going on a camping trip in search of a trout containing a tape worm that makes one thin.

The characters are pretty well drawn out with the martial arts student/high school girl Megumi mourning the death of her sister, Maki; the snobby, super model wannabe, Aya; the leader of the group and her horn dog/druggy boyfriend, Tak, but it's nerd boy Naoi who gets the laughs with his Davey Jones/Monkees hair cut and one liners.

The group finds the trout, splits it open and Maki eagerly swallows the worm-like parasite. With the sudden appearance of a feces covered zombie that attacks them, they seek refuge in a local deserted village as Maki begins to have serious bowel problems. As she runs to the local outhouse to do her business, a zombie crawls out of the toilet trying to get a bite of her derriere. It's not just one that crawls out of the toilet, but the local villagers the group dubs, Poo Men, that pursue them. With Maki's flatulence building up, she blasts out a giant, gaseous release from her buttocks that even includes an image of the devil himself in the cloud it's so poisonous, thwarting off the Poo Men as the group seeks refuge for a final stand against them.

Turns out the worms in the trouts are actually alien parasites bent of taking over Earth. Its up to our heroes to stop them and they go all out, with the finale, clearly a bizarre hybrid of the ending of Aliens and an Ultraman episode between our bare breasted hottie and a giant, anal alien worm queen flatulating their way upwards to a dynamic sky battle.

Silly, sure. But, when you have a theater full of grown adults laughing and having a good time you know it's going to be an instant cult classic. See it! It's a gas!

Expected rating: 6 out of 10

Actual rating:

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