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InFAMOUS - Second Son Review

Review: InFAMOUS – Second Son / Developer: Suckerpunch / Publisher: Sony / Platform: PS4 / Release Date: Out Now

Developed by much loved game creators Suckerpunch, InFAMOUS: Second Son puts you in control of the rebellious Delsin Rowe. Delsin spends his days doing what he shouldn't and getting morality lessons by his brother. That is until the D.U.P (Department of Unified Protection) come looking for conduits, the name given to those imbued with special abilities. When Deslin accidentally becomes one of these conduits, he becomes a target and must work to protect those he loves. This sets the stage for an exciting true next gen adventure.

The visuals are very clean; you are reminded that this is a next gen title in the truest sense. Textures have an extra polish, foliage looks more life-like and lighting is expertly subtle. The city conveys civility, yet this is a clever deception: the people are lifeless zombies who merely exist. It is the powers of our protagonist which give life, show light and convey a sense of hope in the beaten city of Seattle.

The abilities are well varied and all have a distinct look. There is Smoke, Neon and Video powers for Delsin to use on the enemy and each power changes the way the game is played. The smoke allows you to traverse buildings by using air vents from ground level to the tops of buildings, which helps for those quick getaways. The neon power allows you to run at light speed, which enables the speedy dispatch of small groups of enemies. The video ability allows you to hover over a large area, which also on the ground allows for quick movement. This can be used to either escape quickly or, as with the neon power, to dispatch groups of enemies. When all powers are acquired, their combined use makes for a well balanced game play experience.

The fighting at times does get overwhelming and while a challenge is welcome, occasionally it can be frustrating. Another negative point is that the story has its dull patches, which is a shame as the voice acting is some of the best to grace consoles in a long time.

Given that there isn't much on the market for PS4 owners, this counts as a very strong release. With many possible endings, a well-realised open world and hours of gameplay this is definitely a worthwhile purchase.


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