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Star Trek Attack Wing - IKS Kronos One Review

Review: Star Trek Attack Wing – IKS Kronos One / Designer: Christopher Guild / Publisher: WizKid Games / Release Date: Out Now

It would be hard to imagine a game about Star Trek starships shooting each other without plenty of Klingons to bother the Federation, and the Star Trek Attack Wing game has been steadily releasing various classes of Klingon warship (is there any other type?) into their range for commanders keen to field a full Klingon fleet. The IKS Kronos One expansion follows Wizkid Games' usual strategy of putting the flagship option for this model on the front of the box; Klingon lovers will recognise this as Chancellor Gorkon’s ship from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Special rules are provided with the set to make this model the centrepiece of your fleet, on the off chance that you want to spend most of your gaming time saying things like “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.”

Despite this nifty association, the IKS Kronos One expansion mostly serves as a solid mid-tier option for would be commanders. The Kronos One is a K't'inga class ship, and without the special rules to make it a flagship, it functions extremely well as a solid support craft. As tempting as the flagship options are, you will swiftly discover that this is not the best idea; the rules for it make it a little bit too frail to stand the sort of fire those sorts of craft attract. They can certainly go toe to toe with any standard Federation ship, and in large games, a trio of these could easily knock out the Enterprise-D, sending Captain Picard and chums tumbling into space. This is really down to a wealth of crew and weapons options available with the set; in addition to all the flagship twiddles we’ve got some neat variations such as concussive charges, which handily foil cloaking devices. Very useful if your regular opponents tend to be Romulans.

The model itself is pretty enough; it’s pre-painted and plastic so it’s unlikely to sit pride of place in a display cabinet but it is pretty tough and should survive careful transport to the gaming table. Overall a solid addition to the game.

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0 #1 Aidan Arkwright 2013-12-19 13:26
It's a little annoying that they went for the English version of the name in the packaging.

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