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Review: U.S.S. Enterprise Pack – Star Trek Attack Wing / Designer: Christopher Guild / Publisher: WizKids / Release Date: Out Now

The core set for Star Trek Attack Wing disappointed a certain sort of fan by focusing solely on Star Trek: The Next Generation starships. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Original Series got some well-deserved love, and U.S.S. Enterprise Expansion lets you answer the question the Internet has been asking for decades; who would win if Picard fought Kirk?

The expansion pack comes with a Constitution Class version of the Enterprise, counters, cards and other associated tat. It may look like a slightly measly booster for the game; all you get for your cash is a tiny little model of the iconic space ship and some cards. However, looks can be deceiving.

The extra cards and rules for the game are very nice indeed; not only do you get a choice of captains (a generic Starfleet captain, Pike and of course, Kirk), you can happily man your ship with the classic Enterprise bridge crew. Each one works exactly how you’d hope they would; Scotty is a miracle worker, Spock’s insight will save your life (and probably win the game) and so on. The set also allows you to downgrade the ship to a simple Constitution class ship, and it’s still a very flexible addition to any Federation force.

They are some disappointments; there’s only one mission in the set (The Kobyashi Maru) and the ship’s firing arc is a little confusing (it’s 180 degrees, so it looks like a straight line rather than an arc). The ship is tiny, and though the rules do their best to make up for this, it does feel like the least important component is the model. Gameplay-wise, the ship is a lot of fun to use and when used as the classic Enterprise, it lends itself to clever and odds-defying fun, just like it does in the Original Series.

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