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Review: Star Trek HeroClix - Tactics / Designer: Paolo Mori / Publisher: NECA / Release Date: Out Now 

HeroClix has been around for over decade now. For those who’ve missed it, HeroClix is a miniature strategy game where most of the hard work has already been done for you. The models come pre-painted and the key rules are embedded into a click-wheel at the base of the model. The line is best known for its superhero ranges (the clue is in the name), so it is a bit odd that it's diverged into spaceship combat for Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics. 

The four ship starter set features spacecraft from the Next Generation incarnation of the Star Trek universe. We get a Federation ship, a Dominion cruiser, a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Romulan Warbird. It also comes with maps, counters and a rather generic rulebook. Those familiar with the game will have no problem getting stuck in, but new players may find the rules slightly intimidating; they aren’t terribly complex, but there are a lot of them and no effort has been made to make the rules feel like any part of the Star Trek franchise. 

Each model comes with its own character card, summarising the relevant rules. Because the game has been designed with superheroes in mind, the names of some of the rules can be jarring. For example, the Klingon space ship’s cloaking device rules are listed as “Stay Cloaked (Super Senses)” Though the rules for Super Senses work very well as rules for a cloaking device, it still feels like not enough of an effort has been made to make this game feel unique.

However, it really works as a spaceship combat game. Though it’s not a patch on the more detailed strategy games on the market, it does play quickly and smoothly. The models are also very pretty and look quite nice on the mantelpiece, and combat resolution is swift and satisfying. It’s also sort of fun that you could (in theory) mix it up with the superhero range and pit Superman against the best of the Federation.

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