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Gaming Review: Transformers - Fall Of Cybertron (Demo) / Developer(s): High Moon Studios, Mercenary Technology / Platforms: PS3, XBOX 360, PC / Release Date: Out Now (full game released Aug 24th)

The Autobots and Decepticons are here once again to do battle! War for Cybertron saw our heroes almost beaten with no possible hope of victory. It was only through coincidence, much fighting and noble sacrifice that gave Optimus a ray of hope. Fleeing on their ship after a fierce battle the Autobots seemed to be escaping their doomed world…

This demo starts immediately after the first ended, and the level is suitably called Exodus. The Autobot’s ship is about to jump through a wormhole when the Decepticons suddenly make their inevitable appearance. Their ship flies overhead, punching huge metal spears through ours, Autobots begin to fall and the game is in play. The combat is fast, furious and if you haven’t got a quick trigger finger then you will be ended. There is a real sense of urgency throughout the level which heightens the tension as you work against the clock to overcome the enemy threat. As you move play through, scripted events of sizeable scale tear the ship apart and allies are thrown into the vacuum of space.

The soundtrack is fantastic. The music is almost in support of the player, right to the very end of the demo which is unfortunately quite short. The other level, Death From Above is later in the narrative and it’s the Decepticons point of view being experienced. It plays like a recon mission, and the pace is much slower, making a nice contrast between the two levels. Exodus has a sense of urgency yet this one hints at the villains biding their time. It’s as though there is a bigger plan, which we should imagine will be revealed in the full game…

The highlight of the demo is the multiplayer, which looks to be accessible until the game is released. There is only one map available along with one game type, but it gives people the chance to get familiar with the controls, get accustomed to the combat and be an awesome warrior robot. If this demo is any indication, it looks like High Moon studios will have excelled themselves and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable game.


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