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Harley Quinn's Revenge

Review: Batman Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge (DLC) / Developer: Rocksteady Studios / Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive / Release Date: Out Now

Hugo Strange and the Joker may have been defeated, but the Dark Knight's duty is never done. From the ashes of Arkham City, a new threat arises: the Joker's squeeze, Harley Quinn is out to avenge her Mistah J. As usual, this is bad news for the Gotham City Police Department, a number of whom find themselves kidnapped and at Harley's mercy. As does, eventually, Batman himself. It's down to Robin to rescue his mentor from Harley's clutches. Rescued by Robin. Oh, the indignity.

Those hoping for more Robin from their Arkham City should be pleased with this DLC, as Robin plays as big a role in Harley Quinn's Revenge as Batman himself. The action with Robin is confined to the indoor scenes, but it's still better than the paltry challenge rooms from the original. Playing as Robin is a lot more fun than one might imagine. Particularly enjoyable is the Boy Wonder's cane (which turns into a bulletproof shield and battering ram) and his version of the line launcher, which he uses to launch himself at goons rather than the other way round. The lad does come across as a little too moody though, with his sullen expression and silly hoodie. Why so serious, Robin?

Meanwhile, Batman makes his return to the rooftops, where there are plenty of Harley's goons to beat up and leave hanging from guard towers. Swooping around the gloomy skies of the City remains endlessly entertaining, as does terrorising Harley's hapless henchmen. It's been eight months since Arkham City, so this little epilogue to the main story feels like revisiting an old friend.

But aside from its giving Robin something to do, there's little new in terms of gameplay. All of the major modes of play are briefly showcased, like a much abridged version of Arkham City, but none of it lasts long enough. By the time the player has gotten back into the rhythm of fighting and sneaking (still a lot of fun) the game is over. Aside from a few balloons and trophies, there's little to see or do; the action confined to a small part of the map. There comes a point where the game looks as though it's about to gear up for some great team-up action, but instead ends with a bathetic whimper rather than a bang.

Harley Quinn's Revenge is a fun little diversion but ultimately feels like a wasted opportunity. Poor Harley Quinn: her revenge barely amounts to an hour of gameplay.

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