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Have you ever looked at video gaming genre of dating sims and wished to yourself that it involved more shooting? If your answer to that last question was yes then this is the game for you. In Galgun: Double Peace you play a character with a rather strange dilemma. An angel attempting to hit him with Cupid's arrows hit him with an overdose (apparently that is possible) and now every woman he comes across will throw themselves at him. This would be bad enough but he also has a day to find his true love or no one will show the slightest bit of interest in him for the rest of his life.

Most of your time in this game will be spent with the rail gun gameplay. You will fend off the many girls after your character by shooting them with pheromones, with extra points gained for "ecstasy shots", and yes it is just as silly as it sounds.  It is also very fast paced and the game keeps it in short, fun bursts so that it stays entertaining throughout the game. In between levels you will have the option to upgrade your stats, and while it won't make that much difference in the levels themselves doing so is vital If you don't want the boss battles to feel like they are dragging on and becoming stale.

As mentioned at the start of the review this is a dating sim, and that is most apparent in the other chief aspect of the game play; the rubbing. At any point during the levels you can chose to pacify your "admirers" by activating a mini game in which you rub them, rather than shoot the pheromones at them. The game also finds a way to include this mechanic in other aspects of the game, for some reason rubbing is also the answer when one of your love interests is stuck in a window. It feels a bit out of place after the fast paced nature of the shooting and there is no denying that it will creep some people out (this game is set in a high school), but it doesn't come up relatively often and it is possible to ignore it for the most part.

The dating sim aspect is most prominent in the plot. Near the beginning of the game you will have to make a choice about which love interest you will pursue. Which option you will pick determines how the story will play out and what boss fights you will encounter. Each playthrough is relatively short but you will also unlock further storylines to try when you go back to the game. In our playthroughs we experienced tales of financing a high school band,  living up to the role of hunting demons, and helping a demon pass her exams (apparently even demons need to pass some tests to qualify). The different natures of the stories help keep the game interesting despite the relatively short time of any particular through.

There is no denying that Gal Gun: Double Peace is a bizarre game but that is the game's strength. If you are a fan of dating sims the rail gun game play could offer a refreshing change of pace, and if you aren't it might be different enough from the rest of a genre to keep you engaged when you otherwise might not have been. It is a Japanese soap opera with shooting, and if that thought appeals to you give it a look.


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