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Dice games are a main stay of many a gamer’s diet. After all, dice are easy to carry and can be pulled out and played with as and when needed. Most dice games, Dalek Dice included, have an unlimited number of people who can play with them, and tend to be quick and simple to play.

Cubicle 7’s Dalek Dice comes with ten specially made six-sided dice and a nifty little box that’s meant to resemble a Dalek’s eye stalk. The symbols on each die are Humans, Daleks, EXTERMINATE! or The Doctor (a picture of the TARDIS). Gameplay is pretty simple; grab all the dice and roll them. The aim is to have the Dalek’s outnumber the humans, but you score points for the number of humans you roll. You can set aside any number of human or Dalek results, then roll again. If a Doctor or Exterminate result turns up, you have to set aside one of those results as well. Roll three Doctors and you score zero. If the Humans outnumber the Daleks, you score zero. Roll three EXTERMINATE!  and your score is doubled and you have to yell EXTERMINATE! in your best Dalek voice.

Once you’ve totted up the score, you pass the dice to the next player, and so on. This can go on for a while if you’ve lots of players. The winner is the first person to score 30.

There are, of course, similar games on the market. Dalek Dice’s advantage is that it’s very easy to pick up and the actual box of Dalek Dice is really easy to store and carry, it will fit in a decently sized jacket pocket with very little effort. As ice-breakers go, it’s rather good; the game is effortless to pick up and it’s great fun to do. With a small crowd of people, it really does become the focus of attention making it a handy party game or a nice way of spending time whilst waiting with strangers in the foyer of a Doctor Who convention.

Cubicle 7 have created a lovely little game here, one that the entire family will enjoy. Who doesn’t like yelling EXTERMINATE! after all?


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