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Some games are driven almost purely on fan-service, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Everything from fighting on Hoth to hearing the occasional Wilhelm scream has been crafted to entice nostalgic memories of the first Star Wars trilogy. This is hardly a bad thing of course, but what DICE seems to have forgotten is that you need real mechanical substance beneath that, something which Battlefront is sorely lacking.

In truth, this is less a Battlefront game than it is a mediocre Battlefield game with blasters. It looks the part to be sure, with every X-Wing, AT-AT and lightsaber restored to its pristine glory. Yet the moment you play it, you’re left with the same old Battlefield formula but bereft of its usual strengths. Along with an extremely limited arsenal of guns, the blasters boil down to little more than recoilless hoses spitting red light. Rather than retaining any sense of power, there's a sheer lack of any kick or satisfying impact as you nail an enemy soldier, and each gun feels extremely samey. It’s shamelessly arcade, but whereas this game’s predecessors embraced that element, here it’s torn between trying to retain old ideas while embracing modern military shooter trends. The end result just means you’re left with a bland FPS suffering from an identity crisis.

Things aren’t helped by a few issues which have plagued the game since its beta, notably a problematic balance of power on each map. Hoth is incredibly biased towards the Imperials while Endor is a cakewalk for the Rebels, and there is very little middle-ground found between them. No matter the map, each one seems to always be weighted in favour of one side, and a big part of that comes down to its focus upon individual kills rather than scoring point for your whole force. After all, when one side has AT-ATs and a bigger army, a K/D ratio seems more than a little arbitrary.

Of the game’s many modes, only Walker Assault really stands out, with its objective-driven gameplay leading to tense, frantic battles which showcase Battlefront’s best elements. By comparison, Drop Zone merely repeats Walker Assault’s core elements but lacks the same impact, while Hero Hunt and Fighter Squadron are all too brief experiences which feel more like demos for future DLC than a mode in of their own right.

Despite all of this, Battlefront isn’t a bad game but it’s so mired in generic Battlefield clichés or mediocrity that it simply doesn’t live up to the series’ legacy. Much like the prequel trilogy, it’s pretty to look at and has a few moments which are sure to satisfy old fans, but it doesn’t take long for bland dissatisfaction to set in. Save this one for the sales, folks.



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0 #5 Sh0gun 2015-12-04 11:05
It was a interestign experience but dont made a "wow" effect. Maybe little one. Graphics are beautiful and sound is very good. Worse is when it goes to gameplay. Lack of single player is hard to understand. But in visions of DICE this game must be mulitplayer only. I hope like few people that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will bring freshness to gerne and will test our skills.
+1 #4 Ken Hoshi 2015-12-03 20:26
Nice writer review and i think it describes all the think that was broken or mąkę in the wrong way.If it Goes to fps gamę ile hard that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be a quite big game with open World. Alter movies on YT im interesting in the tytule.
0 #3 Dwankie Dave 2015-11-21 19:12
I played it briefly round my mates house and was a bit underwhelmed (didn't say anything to him as he'd just paid for it). I thought every level woud be chcok full of vehicles and vast armies but its just a bog standard FPS with Star Wars knobs on. No doubt the good stuff will be in the expansions that you'll need to buy.
+1 #2 Ronald Macdon 2015-11-19 17:30
This is the single most fair and accurate review of this game to date. I agree entirely with everything said, and the franchise deserves better!
0 #1 M. Sean 2015-11-18 21:17
In my opinion quite obiective review. I agree ith the not. Its still Battlefiels formule with little graphic skin pack and updated game modes. Its good, that DICE made this game and i hope that in next Battlefront they will make better modes and delete this with double schemes. When it goes to breaking schemes, CI Games develops goodlooking game - Sniper Ghost Warrio3, which is total rebuild of good known games of Sniper Ghost Warrior cycle. Next year will be premiere, so every fan of FPS should be waiting for news bounded with this game.

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