Event Report: An Audience with DOCTOR WHO Director Waris Hussein

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Waris Hussein came to the Fab Café Manchester this Sunday to talk about his long and varied career, which included directing the first ever episode of Doctor Who, 'An Unearthly Child'. The venue was packed with keen Doctor Who fans and the event was hosted by Gareth Kavanagh, who was on hand with a selection of video clips that highlighted key points in the BAFTA winning director’s career.

Mr Hussein talked candidly about the his input into Adventures in Space and Time, a forthcoming BBC drama detailing what it took to produce An Unearthly Child, the first ever episode of Doctor Who, and has worked closely with Mark Gattis to get details such as the number of cameras involved utterly correct, as well as providing an insight into the lives of the people who made the show happen. He also revealed that he was involved in a dramatisation of the story behind the notorious Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor drama Divorce His – Divorce Hers. Over all, it was a fascinating look into the history of the show, with plenty of questions asked by those lucky enough to get tickets to the talk, which was sold out.

The event, part of the Manchester’s Who at Fifty celebrations, was a roaring success and Waris Hussein stayed after the event to enjoy a dramatic reconstruction of An Unearthly Child, also hosted at the Fab Café.

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