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On Wednesday the 20th of April, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to the launch party of ‘TRON Legacy’ on DVD/Blu Ray and ‘TRON Reconfigured’, a remix album based on Daft Punk’s soundtrack for TRON Legacy. The event was held at the Heaven Nightclub in London and was an exclusive, invite only event being held by Disney and sponsored by Mix Mag and Hewlett Packard E Print.

The first thing to greet you was a blue carpet leading into the club area, very much like the carpet that was used at the London premiere of the movie. Two queues were then formed, one for VIPs and the other for competition winners. After receiving the evening’s wristband, which told the guards on duty which entry category you were in, you entered the club to find yourself bombarded with TRON. From standees and posters promoting the movie to the newly released DVD’s and Blu Ray’s all on the shelves in front of you to purchase and take home on the night.

After ditching your belongings in the cloak room, you were given a couple of options. Those lucky enough to be in the VIP section could go upstairs to the main bar which gave a balcony view of the main dance floor and the DJ’s area at the front of the club. There at the bar you found TV’s displaying assorted clips from the movie, more posters and standees, plus some specially prepared cocktails for the night, served on glowing ‘TRON: Legacy’ place mats.

A TRON Party wouldn’t be complete without some form of technology. In another room, you found another bar, but this one was a little special. This was the HP room, where they were showing off their E Print technology and showing videos of the event they staged in London’s Southbank area just before Legacy came out in the cinemas. This event was a small replica of Flynn’s Arcade from the original TRON, with playable games, a life sized Lightcycle which you could get a photo with. The thing most attendees did during the evening was get a photo done with 2 people who were dressed in TRON styled costumes which glowed, against a back drop of The Grid from Legacy. The resulting photo was then printed out, showing just how capable the technology could be.   

When the music got started, the neon lights flowed through the club, attracting revellers to the dance floor, who sampled the party atmosphere and soaked up what the evening had to offer. Special guest DJ’s were on hand to provide the musical entertainment, including Twiggy “N” Trufix, Steep, Ugly Mowgli and Stanton Warriors. Needless to say the sound system was loud, booming, as you should expect at such an event. Obviously, the music went down a treat and really brought home that feeling of TRON. 

All in all, the conversation was good, the atmosphere was great, and everyone really seemed to enjoy the event, which at the end of the day is the main point. This reporter enjoyed himself, that’s for sure.

‘TRON Legacy’ is out on DVD and is also packed with the original TRON on Blu Ray. ‘TRON Reconfigured’ is out on CD and available for download.

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