Event News: UK Streaming Service THE HORROR SHOW Launches

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Looking for a streaming service to bring you your horror fix? The likes of NetFlix and LoveFilm too vanilla for your tastes? Well look no further than The Horror Show, the movies on demand service created by horror fans for horror fans.

Starburst Magazine was in attendance at the channel's launch party, where we were treated to stand-up comedy from Richard Sandling (cult movie based comedy? What's not to love) and an exclusive screening of Reece Shearsmith's short Him Indoors and the psychedelic '80s psycho film White of the Eye. With the former being preceded by a Q&A with Shearsmith and director Paul Davis, and the latter introduced by genre historian and treasure Kim Newman, The Horror Show's launch was a soiree to remember. But is the service it offers actually any cop?

Well, while many of the site's current selections may seem uninspired and of varying degrees of quality (there's a lot of low budget trash in there) it does offer such gems as Who Can Kill a Child? and Driller Killer. There's the two Human Centipede films there too, if that's what floats your boat. While the choice isn't too great at the moment, it's well worth keeping an eye on before it inevitably picks up momentum and becomes something much bigger. There's also the fact that you can pick its films on a pay as you go basis, requiring no monthly fees or standing orders. It's incredibly easy to dip in, pick what you want, and leave again.

Indeed, its biggest coup is in its Short Stack, currently available for 99p. The Short Stack is a collection of ten short films, beginning with the grotesque and amusing Him Indoors. Ten films for 99p. It's not an offer to be sniffed at. While The Horror Show has a long way to go before it rivals LoveFilm and Netflix, it's certainly made a good start.

Visit www.TheHorrorShow.tv or facebook for more.

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