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UFO Chronicles Review

Review: UFO Chronicles – You Can’t Handle the Truth / Cert: E / Director: Anthony Miles / Screenplay: Anthony Miles, Robert Miles / Starring: Sean David Morton / Release Date: Out Now

When Sean David Morton first pops up on your screen announcing that there is “so little of your reality that is based on truth it’s stunning”, you can’t help but sit and wait to see what he and what will presumably be other informants have to say. An hour later, you’re not so sure. There are no other informants, there’s not even any footage or photos to back up Morton’s claims. This release is just an hour and ten minutes of him talking. While this approach is unorthodox considering the format, it’s not that which makes this release such a joke. That honour falls to Morton himself.

At first it all seems (given the open-mindedness you’d need to accept the subject matter) quite credible. Morton claims he spent most of his childhood being surrounded by NASA astronauts (he even claims he has two of them as godfathers) who would regularly show him footage and photos of UFOs the world was never supposed to see. He goes on to talk about the people he has spoken to (as part of various documentaries) and the times he would spy on Area 51 and the ships he saw coming and going. Again, there is no footage or images to back this up.

It’s when Morton goes on to explain his psychic powers that it all falls apart. That and the fact that, recorded in 2005, his future predictions are laughable. Being able to track the stock market and do the numbers on earthquakes doesn’t make you Nostradamus (who he also heavily cribs from). Last year Morton was told to pay back $11 million to people he defrauded in money scams linked to his ‘prophetic abilities’. Nuff said, the guy’s a joke and so is this DVD.

But wait a second, all is not lost. Buried in the Special Features is a little gem. UFOs and ETs is compiled of two UK cable show episodes. The first (Esoteria) is grist for the mill, focusing on a man who claims to be plagued by UFOs that follow him (but nobody else can see) and another who talks honestly about the tiny alien rabbit cats that sat on his chest and ate his cancer. The second though is far more enthralling: In an episode of On the Edge, presenter Theo Chalmers talks to conspiracy theorist Marcus Allen about the Moon Landing. Wholly different from the other tosh on this release, the discussion is backed up by photo ‘proof’ and compelling arguments that certainly seem to point to some form of skulduggery by NASA. Why this wasn’t used as a basis for the release I have no idea. A diamond in the rough, these 42 minutes almost - almost - makes the DVD worth watching.

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