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Review: Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman / Certificate: 18 / Director: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza / Screenplay: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza / Starring: Fernanda Urrejola, Matias Oviedo / Release Date: October 7th

Whilst using the toilet in a club he works at, Santiago (Oviedo) overhears his boss telling his henchman to kill the female bounty hunter, ‘The Machine Gun Woman’ (Urrejola), who just also happens to be the boss’ ex. When the DJ is discovered cowering in the stall, he is tasked with bringing the head of the bounty hunter to the boss, Che Longana, within 24 hours, or he will be killed.

That’s basically the plot in a nutshell of BMTHOTMGW, a Chilean made, insane production. Imagine a live action Grand Theft Auto, complete with missions and over-the-top violence, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to see. It’s fun, with a fast pace, and it never tries to take itself too seriously, which when you consider that it is another in a long list of Grindhouse-style films made on the cheap to cash in on the craze for the ultra-violence and sleaze-fests of the 1970s, is no bad thing.

It’s entertaining to a certain level and the obvious nods to gaming – Santiago is a gaming addict, which his mother chastises him for; on every ‘mission’ the camera follows his car and the on-screen announcements are in the same font as in the old Grand Theft Auto games – make this a more interesting and tongue-in-cheek film than others of the same ilk.

BMTHOTMGW isn't going to win any awards, but this South American curio is a fun way to spend just over seventy minutes, especially if you get a few friends and some alcohol together!

Extras: None

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