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Review: Skull World / Cert: 15 / Director: Justin McConnell / Screenplay: Justin McConnell / Starring: Greg Sommer, Jason Pluscec, Shane Patterson / Release Date: Out Now

This witty, fast-paced documentary tells the story of Skull Man, aka Greg Sommer. Sommer and his alter ego take part in box wars. These consist of adults dressed up in cardboard boxes hitting each other with even more cardboard, the aim being to knock off the opponent's armour. Box Wars is a unique event, full of incredible and innovative cardboard costumes. This documentary provides an insight into the life of Skull Man and his attempt to bring this bizarre contest to television. Does it sound crazy? A little. Is it fascinating? Definitely.

This edgy and cool story is told charismatically by director Justin McConnell, who follows Sommer as he interacts with fans and friends with similar interests. Sommer and his crew attend expo events and greet fans and members of the public. Sommer, who works in a cemetery, loves rock music, and is influenced by horror, brings his huge personality onto a small screen but it works incredibly well and Sommer proves to be very likeable and funny.

SKULL WORLD features home videos as well as family interviews which give the viewers of this DVD a pure and well-rounded look into Greg’s more-than-quirky personality. One of the only problems with the documentary is that, at several points, the film fails to flow as McConnell follows Sommer around. Despite this, whenever McConnell returns to the Box Wars, attention is immediately regained.

This is an interesting story excellently told by McConnell, vaguely reminiscent of the style of JACKASS. It's new, engaging and cool. A tarot card reader who appears in the film describes Sommer as an ‘offside thinker’ and this is what makes him, and the film, so individual.

Extras: Commentaries / Deleted Scenes / Extended Segments / Trailers

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