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Review: The Bionic Woman – Series 2 / Cert: PG / Director: Various / Screenplay: Various / Starring: Lindsay Wagner, Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks / Release Date: Out Now

At least the bionic gold robbery makes sense now. Bigfoot must have broken in there.” The Bionic Woman returns, as adorably kooky as ever. Series One introduced us to Jaime Sommers, tennis pro, spy and bionic woman – her life and limbs left shattered after a parachuting accident gone wrong with beau Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin.

As before, the box set kicks off with a pair of crossover episodes from The Six Million Dollar Man. In this case, it's The Return of Big Foot, which is about as bonkers as it sounds. The series' status quo hasn't changed much since the last time around, with this very first episode opening with Austin once more jogging through a field in slow motion, finishing his morning's workout by jumping over a house. Then, ten minutes later, they set off again, jogging together this time. Those bionics and their jogging. No singing though, thankfully. Steve is wearing a moustache now though, which is what passes for character development in this series.

The crossover episodes are a good way to start each season, giving fans of The Six Million Dollar Man a chance to get acquainted with his girlfriend, and vice versa. It's an approach which works even today, in television series such as CSI and NCIS. Both of which could use more slow-motion jogging, if you ask us. As Steve and Jaime investigate the case of a bank-robbing Sasquatch (you read that right), it becomes evident that there may be more to the crime than meets the eye. Aliens, for one thing, and genre legend John Saxon (sporting an impressive beard). As if the presence of the mighty Saxon wasn't enough to get you to pick up this series of The Bionic Woman (and it definitely should be) there are mad scientists, equally mad supercomputers and nuclear missiles too. There's also the introduction of the Fembots, who are a little bit like those of Austin Powers fame, save for some really awful effects when the ladies take their faces off. The dodgy effects only add to the show's charm though. We wouldn't have it any other way.

The Bionic Woman is a lot of fun, never taking itself too seriously. Wagner remains incredibly loveable as Jaime, with Lee Majors popping up occasionally to up the hunk quota. The man certainly knows how to rock a moustache and double denim. Serious actors such as the Saxon make fun villains, giving Wagner plenty to do. Fans of slow-motion running through fields rest assured – you'll get your money's worth with this box set. There's also an amusing scene in which she uses her bionics to peel potatoes at super speed. With Steve also using his own powers to move a refrigerator in Season One, it's nice to see those bionic men and women putting their powers to good use.

Series 2 of The Bionic Woman is every bit as silly, funny and sweet as the first. It's a little bit more eccentric though, which should please fans who love it for its cheesier moments. Like its heroine (and occasional hero) it's impossible to dislike. Maybe it's one of Jaime's super powers.

As Mr. Saxon himself puts it in The Return of Big Foot Part 2: “Very tenacious, that bionic woman.” Very tenacious indeed. And also lovely. Did we mention lovely?

Extras: Bonus Six Million Dollar Man episode “The Return of Big Foot Part 1” / Gag Reel / Bionic Galleries / Audio commentaries from creator Kenneth Johnson and Lindsay Wagner / Bionic Blast featurette / Full-colour booklet

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