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[REC] Genesis Review

Review: [REC] Genesis / Cert: 18 / Director: Paco Plaza / Screenplay: Paco Plaza, Luiso Berdejo / Starring: Letitia Dolera, Diego Martin, Claire Baschet, Ishmael Martinez / Release Date: September 3rd

Rec: Genesis seems to be a film that is dividing people across the board. Hardcore fans of the first two Spanish fearful found footage flicks have a major issue with the tonal shift present in the third movie. Other people who go into the film in the right frame of mind are finding it a hell of a fun time at the flicks and one of the best films to enjoy in a crowd for a while. We have to admit although we are puzzled by the new direction this series has gone in, we fall firmly in the latter camp.

Rec: Genesis starts off in the found footage format as we are witnesses to a wedding DVD for the nuptials of Clara and Koldo (Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin). At the wedding as the guests arrive, it’s apparent that writer and director Paco Plaza’s main intention is to entertain you and he even presents us with some self-referential discussion about handheld camera’s versus cinema quality cameras which he lets you know subtly with a wink that things are about to change. Astonishingly once an uncle who has been ‘bitten by a dog’ goes mental and takes a chunk out of his wife’s neck, the handheld camera is destroyed and the camera pulls back so what you are watching is a conventionally shot film in standard widescreen. We can’t quite express just how relieving this is and being one of the pioneers of the sub-genre it feels like Plaza himself knows ‘found footage’ is getting pretty stale.

The rest of the film is taken up with Clara and Koldo trying to desperately get back to each other and the two of them play it so sweetly that you are right there with them dodging the carnage that is all around them. The supernatural elements involving possession and religion that were present in the first two films take a more or less back seat as Rec: Genesis is a film that is more of a straight zombie movie than previously. Every zombie movie must of course have some brilliant kills and inventive gore and luckily the film has loads of these scenes. Death by shotgun, chainsaw, sword and electric whisk are all present and hilarious and suitably disgusting. As was the case with the previous movies, the sound design is fantastic. Loud bangs and roars will really test out your surround system if you have it and there are some genuinely good jump scares.

Where the film falters is in its tone of fun, it’s almost too much fun and doesn’t really connect to the first two films that well despite being a prequel. This is still a really good, solid and entertaining film that should be seen by old and new fans of the series.

Special Features: None

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