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Blubberella Review

DVD Review: Blubberella / Cert: 15 / Director: Uwe Boll / Screenplay: Uwe Boll, Lindsay Hollister / Starring: Lindsay Hollister, Brended Fletcher, Michael Pare / Release Date: Out Now

At least with an Uwe Boll film, you pretty much know what you're getting into.

Love him or hate him, he's always laughing his way to the bank.

In his latest DVD release, Blubberella, is a silly parody of Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich filmed simultaneously with the exact same cast and crew. Boll throws in everything including the kitchen sink making sure to offend everyone.

Actress Lindsay Hollister does a good job playing the whiney, 800 year old, bisexual, female vampire, Nazi fighter, doughy superhero aptly named, Blubberella. Doughy superhero in a sense that she could not only eclipse the sun, but blot it out.

Forget about time period continuity. There is none. The majority of the film takes place in the 1940s, yet Blubberella has all the amenities of the 21st Century such as a cell phone, Internet, laptop and a Segway she carts around on.

There doesn't appear to even be a script as most of the dialogue sounds ad-libbed.

Boll regulars Brendan Fletcher (the sexually ambiguous Freedom Fighter), Michael Pare (the Commandant) and Clint Howard (the mentally unbalanced Dr. Mangler) chew up the scenery in some funny moments worth a chuckle such as Pare and Howard discussing the Commandant's past trichinosis problem or the parody from the film, Precious, that deals with Blubberella and her mother in blackface.

Boll, a former boxer, spares no expense taking jabs at Dancing With the Stars, Elvis, Corey Haim, Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, but the cream of the crop is Boll himself portraying Adolph Hitler accompanied by a Samuel Jackson rhetoric spouting soldier from the Africa Korps in blackface playing a conquer the world board game with Blubberella when a certain Colonel Von Stauffenberg shows up unannounced with a satchel under his good arm.

Vampires, Nazis, drifting accents, sword fights, food fights, zombies, explosions, blackface characters, death by fried chicken flatulence, sex jokes, ethnic jokes, a man in a fish costume, a gay resistance fighter, hot scantily clad ladies and one fat chick. Throw it in a blender and what do you have? One strange-ol’ movie.

Special Features: None

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