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Review: The Mis-Adventures of Adam West – Volume 3 / Author: Leon McKenzie, Edward Gross, Andy Fish / Artist: Luis Rivera, Andy Fish, Tsubasa Yozora, Angel Bernwy / Publisher: Bluewater Comics / Release Date: September 18th

Right, Adam West, he of camp-Batman fame, finds himself the focus of his own series. In this third volume, it’s a little bit out there… but in a good way. The basic premise is that Adam West has this mystical amulet that transforms him from dimension to dimension, reality to reality. We, the reader, get taken along for the ride. Let’s just start this by saying that any fans of Adam West, Adam West-era Batman, or just slightly crazy tales, will absolutely love this book. It is just all a tad bonkers.

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West: Volume 3 follows on from the earlier books, being just as mental and crazy as the previous works in the series. Here we get West moving from deep space in one world, to a crime boss story elsewhere, to ‘Mouseman’ in another – this book definitely makes the most of its creative licence. Along the way, there are cameos from various names associated with West’s past, as well as some other featured-faces of that time. It all adds to the story in equally absurd and entertaining ways.

I cannot stress enough just how fun this book is. This is a comic book for the lighthearted; there’s nothing serious, deep or meaningful to take away from this title. It reminds me of what I used to love about comic books as a kid, before it got all serious. There’s great, tone-perfect artwork on display throughout the book, as well as good, if not bizarre, storytelling to accompany it. The writing is brilliant in the sense that it totally brings something new, unique, almost James Bond-ish to Adam West, whilst constantly giving nudges and winks to those familiar with West’s backstory. There are lines ripped straight from the '60s Batman series, as West tears through evil like a knife through butter, all the while looking for the meaning of what is happening to him.

Here we have a tale of campy '60s Batman meets Quantum Leap, amped up to 11; it’s brilliant. The book is fun, humorous, fast-paced and as fluid as a 10-pint broken-seal toilet break. Fans that have a penchant for characters and humour of years past will have something to cheer about, as will those more accustomed to Family Guy-era Adam West. With what can only be described as wholesome humour, there are still the underlying chuckles for the dads out there.

Whether as a trip back to childhood or as a new beginning, these Adam West tales are just fantastic to take in. Story-wise, art-wise, it’s all just crazy enough to pull off a fantastic reading experience for those that would dare pick up this title.

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