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Review: The River Verses Movement #1 – In Search of the MiSing / Author: Alec Davis, Lee Laskey / Artist: Jimmy Trippier / Publisher: DeathKat / Release Date: April 27th  

Now here's a different concept; a comic book with an accompanying music CD. Either can be enjoyed on its own merits, but together they create an intriguing combination.  

Firstly, the comic book. In a distant future where climate change has destroyed civilisation as we know it, General Loki Lorentz, armed with an enormous sword, attempts to storm the town of Glaze, looking for answers as to why people have been going missing since the military council who took over. He is captured, and left to rot in a cell. Over the course of the book we learn some of the back story which, wisely, leaves enough questions unanswered so we are keen to find out more. Which is where the CD comes in. Performed as a rock opera, we get a continuation of the story set to a piano-led rock score. Musically, the band (who are two thirds of the talent behind the comic) are similar to Dream Theater and, at times Rush, while also having a classical and even a ska/reggae touch. The line up consists of just piano, bass and drums, but they still manage to put out quite a rich, grand sound. The CD also includes the song lyrics, which take the form of conversations between Loki and his saviour, Ava.

The artwork in the comic is simple but effective, with a mix of letters and newspaper clippings filling in some of the backstory. The dialogue in the comic is limited and again, very simple, making the CD all the more invaluable for picking up the story. There is certainly some promise in the narrative.

The band will be performing at the comic/CD launch on Saturday 27th April at Manchester's Satan's Hollow, where you will be able to pick up the limited edition (of 250) sets. Alternatively, check them out on their website or Facebook where you can find more live dates.

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-1 #1 Dwankie Dave 2013-04-22 13:33
I made a CD comic book myself...."Pea Soup Of The Dead" a zombie musical (available at Victoria Baths Zine Fair 5th May 2013... plug plug plug)

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