Comic Review: SPANDEX #7

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Review: Spandex #7 / Author: Martin Eden / Artist: Martin Eden / Release Date: Out Now

The world's first and foremost team of LBGT superheroes returns. Following the enormous discoveries made in the previous issues, there's some serious fallout to be dealing with. Part four of OMFG is called 'Revelations' for a reason. OMFG, indeed.

Issue 7 is the culmination of a massive story, tackling material that even Marvel or DC might consider to be a bit convoluted and dense. It's weighty stuff for a superhero book too – tackling theological questions and the very nature of one character's sexuality, alongside the more conventional punching and fighting stuff. The concept and execution is like a more subtle, less crude Garth Ennis (while still being fairly crude in places).

Fans of Spandex will not be disappointed by this finale. It's as 'clever, funny, gripping and sexy' as the preceding six issues (remember we said that? Well, it's on the comic's back cover now). Plus a side order of melancholia as the team's days come to an end. To say any more about the plot would be to spoil a treat. Main characters die, supervillains are fought and so many revelations sprung that it's almost ridiculous. The writing and the art is personable and fun. If you've not read any of Spandex thus far, now is the perfect jumping on point. After all, there's no agonising wait for the conclusion (although a one-shot special is promised for later this year). If you've read some or all of the previous issues, well, it would be a crime not to see OMFG through to the end.

Spandex is one of the best original superhero comics in years. More than that, it's actually better than a lot of the stuff the Big Two is putting out at the moment (certainly better than the new Justice League nonsense). Never mind a Justice League movie – Hollywood should get on the case of adapting this for the big screen, forthwith (not that they'd ever go for that). And The Boys, while they're at it.

Issue 7 is a fine conclusion to an excellent series. With Spandex finished (for now), let's keep our fingers crossed for a Bear Man and Twinkle crossover. We can but hope.

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