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Review: Grim Leaper / Author: Kurtis J. Wieber / Artist: Aluisio Santos / Publisher: Image Comics / Release Date: Out Now

There aren’t many supernatural romantic comedies out there, and even less so in graphic novel format. Grim Leaper is such a rare beast, and it is as superb as it is unusual.

The plot involves a chap who finds himself constantly possessing the bodies of men who are hours away from death. He has no idea exactly how the Grim Reaper will claim him, so he lives it up as much as he can until the inevitable happens. This all changes when he discovers a young lady who is also stuck in the same predicament. Wackiness, as the cliché goes, ensues.

Aluisio Santos’ art is wild and loose, and conveys the crazy runaway comedy of the script perfectly. This is a decidedly weird tale, and Kurtis Wieber has a real talent for the funny and strange; the dialogue is spot-on and the characters are likeable, believable and fun. This is not a tale for the squeamish; people very often die messily in it, and the pages drip with cartoon gore. However, once you’ve waded through all the blood and guts you’ll find a great little love story with its tongue rammed into its cheek. The supernatural elements drive the story forward without getting in the way, and the mix of horror and romance works very well indeed.

This is a nicely compact and complete tale, and though short, it’s just long enough to be fun before it gets itself bogged down in its own lore. If you enjoyed graphic novels such as Kill Your Boyfriend, then you’ll be on familiar ground. Fans of TV shows such as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies will also find a lot to love here, and anyone hankering for a truly offbeat romance story should take a look at Grim Leaper.

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