Comic Review: Chloe Noonan - Monster Hunter #1

PrintE-mail Written by Ian Mat Sunday, 29 May 2011

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Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter #1

Writer/Artist: Marc Ellerby

Self Published

Out Now

A teenage girl spending her spare time beating on boogeymen - is Chloe Noonan Buffy lite?

Not really. This is more of a mash-up of Ghost World and I Kill Giants. Redhead Noonan rounds up errant monsters for a fat professor armed with a net, some bombs and a bus pass. No powers, but sometimes a sword. Accompanying her on this outing to capture a Dahgul is friend Zoe. However the pressure is on: can Noonan tie up the ogre and get to her gig as keyboardist for the Freudian Repercussions on time?

The dialogue between the two teenagers is snappy and always fun, with Noonan coming across as a typical snarky teen stumbling her way through the intricacies of monster hunting and life in general.

But it is Twix-chomping Zoe who steals the show on occasion. After having her comparison of Noonan’s Buffy lifestyle shot down, she changes it to “like the girls in Charmed” before her praise for the witchy show fades under the withering stare of her freckled mate. All that, however, doesn’t stop her offering to share her Twix with the trapped Dahgul at the end of the tale.

The art has that Clowes’ style about it, albeit more cartoony. Nothing is overdrawn, no complex angles aimed for, the story is told as simply and elegantly as possible while retaining its own sense of style.

Before Noonan, Ellerby drew more than 200 autobiographical Ellerbisms strips which have the same readability as Harvey Pekar, minus the soul-destroying angst. This sequential storytelling, collected in their own volumes, has obviously polished Ellerby’s narrative skills which shows in the dialogue between characters.

A gentle comic suitable for all ages, Chloe Noonan is a series that only an independent comic book could make work and issues two and three are out now at

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