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An experimental anthology comic that breaks convention, Sliced Quarterly is edited by Ken Reynolds who has worked on independent comics as a letterer; Reynolds has a campaign on Kickstarter to produce a trade paperback collecting all the previous issues. Each story depicts a slice of life, all very different in story and style, with independent writers and artists showcasing their skills and experiences.

This anthology really works in portraying the predicaments of our current society, our thoughts and feelings. Most of these stories will be relatable to someone somewhere. It's great to see original work using different mediums and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Some are short and sweet whiles others are filled with witty text and presented in unconventional styles. Many creators here have taken an unusual approach in order to get their story out whether it's to try something new or because they're without an artist. In theory it's a great concept however it does seem these would have better fitted in a short story anthology. Many can argue that comics are and always should be an aesthetic medium of storytelling and some of these creators break that boundary, it’s great to experiment and explore all the outlets in comics but it feels too forced on some occasions in this anthology. On the other hand, a few of these stories are very much like short art house films; there is a lot of drama, a lot of colour, but little plot. Despite all this, you can see the passion behind these creators and their love for the medium which makes this anthology unique.

For comic fans that enjoy reading more independent work should take a look at Sliced Quarterly to find something out of the ordinary. This anthology is also great for people working or wanting to work in comics to experience original work, it's refreshing and inspiring as comics have very little boundaries for those with imagination. To top it off there are two extra stories taken from two anthologies published by WP Comics that may not match the theme of Sliced Quarterly but are very fun and original nonetheless.



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