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The Misc Anthology collection by Martin Simpson is a Kickstarter funded project to enable this comic to have a limited print run. It is a fifty-two-page collection, which features seven short comic book stories. It is a unique and interesting project, with some quite strange and bizarre stories. This collection really gives a feel for what Martin Simpson is capable of and it’s quite impressive.

This comic has a limited run of 200. Each comic is signed and numbered and comes with 5 signed and numbered art cards. It is a truly beautiful collection of lovingly crafted stories that are each full of bold artwork and dark humour. Although each story is completely standalone, each short story has the same themes of witty humour and complete craziness. The stories can range in size from two pages to a stunningly executed eleven pages.

There are several notable stories in this collection. One of our favourites is the first story called Red Apple. This shows the tale of a lonely old man in a futuristic setting, as he questions whom he is and what he is doing. The tale continues into a bittersweet ending and has to be one of the stand out stories in this collection.

Another story called Betty and Edith, follows the story of two old sisters as they reflect on what civilization used to be like when they were younger. This is more of a short story with pictures and shows the dialogue between each character. It is quite an emotionally engaging story as the two realize that they have really grown old.

However, the stand out story in this collection has to be Follow Me Fuchsia, which is a classic gothic nightmare story and is the longest within the collection. It is creepily sadistic and haunting. It has large and stunning artwork but the main attraction has to be the cleverly crafted villain who is summoning Fuchsia. This story does everything right and is a faultless masterpiece.

This collection is full of stunning artwork, including great landscapes and captivating characters. It is a very short collection and each story only takes a few minutes to read. This collection will not be for everyone, due to the shortness of the stories within. However, if you appreciate artwork and like a short comic book story, this collection is one of the best you can get. This is a brilliantly created collection of a maddening and bizarre world full of gothic nightmares and crazy carnivals. A must have for comic fans and a great project that deserves a large amount of support. We look forward to seeing more from Martin Simpson as he creates more flawless masterpieces.


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