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The Scarlett Couture series by Des Taylor has been getting quite a bit of attention in the comic world. When the first issue hit the shelves last year, it was well received and soon got a relatively large fan base. By being published by Titan Comics, the series has been allowed the exposure it deserves, which is something Titan Comics are known for.

This paperback collection contains the first four issues in the Scarlett Couture series. These four issues are each part of the storyline known as ‘Project Stardust’. The concept of the series is relatively straightforward. Scarlett Couture is head of security at the supermodel agency known as Chase Couture. However, this is all a cover story, and she is in fact an international spy. When one of Scarlett’s colleagues is abducted, the team at Chase Couture jump into action.

The premise of the story has been done before. However, it is rare that we see a female character take on the titular role as a spy in a comic series. Des Taylor handles this very well, and although there is some stereotypical sexualisation of Scarlett, it is not as over the top as so many writers and artists are keen to do.

Although there is nothing overly shocking in the story, these first few issues centre on the development of the characters and allows for several yet unanswered questions, which leave the reader wanting more of this series. We will definitely be following this series as it develops into a wider story arc.

Whilst fans of the series will have the original issues, this collected paperback has some extras that could convince a number of fans to invest in this collection. Titan Comics have included character profiles and a mock- up interview with Scarlett Couture. Also included is original concept art as well as potential covers for future novels.

These first issues were fairly strong in creating a character and introducing the readers to the story. The art is very well handled, with a classic cartoon feel. As the next issues in the series are released and the story arc widens, it is likely that the series will improve with scope. However, Des Taylor has possibly created a successful comic series that could survive into the future, as well as creating one of the strongest female character launces in comics.


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