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Review: Queers Dig Time Lords – A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It / Author: Various / Publisher: Mad Norwegian Press / Release Date: Out Now

A while back, this writer was given a copy of Paul Magrs’ novel The Diary Of A Dr Who Addict. The book wasn’t especially bad but was let down somewhat by an overall feeling of being too autobiographical (personal distaste for that sort of book aside, it is well-written and is definitely worth a read). So when Magrs’ name came up again in connection with the opportunity to review Queers Dig Time Lords, it seemed like a good way to give his writing a second chance.

It turned out to have been a good choice, as not only was the essay in question wonderful, but the book as a whole also led to a host of new authors to read and appreciate. A lot of the essays here offer a window into perspectives that people might not have understood properly before and all the authors will be worth keeping an eye on.

Not all of the essays are great, mind. Some of them feel like they are clutching at straws in their readings of the show, while others cover a lot of the same ground. But most of them are excellent, especially the superb We’re Here, We’re Queer, Rate Us On iTunes, which manages to be interesting in addition to having a great title.

Right now, when the whole Whoniverse is speculating on who the Twelfth Doctor will be and wondering whether a woman or person of colour will take over the role, a book that embraces equality in all its forms seems perfectly timed and makes for excellent reading.

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