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Review: 21st Century Modeller / Author: Andy Pearson / Publisher: Happy Medium Press / Release Date: Out Now

Gerry Anderson left a legacy of not only some of the most memorable sci-fi TV shows ever seen, but also of an incredibly broad and interesting design aesthetic. No one who’s ever seen Thunderbird 3, Moonbase Alpha or the Cloudbase is likely to forget it. This means that model makers are often quite keen to emulate these designs, especially as replica versions of some of the more obscure vehicles and buildings aren’t easy to come by.

21st Century Modeller does a very solid job of giving a hobbyist the information they need to make a variety of cool stuff from the worlds Gerry Anderson created. Detailed instructions for fashioning things such a Thunderbird 5 or a SHADO mobile platform from UFO can be found here, as well as a plethora of similar projects and modelling tips. Though each article is written by a different hobbyist, the instructions remain clear and consistent throughout and there is vital instruction for the inexperienced as well as inspiration and clever tips for the more skilled hobbyist. Some of these projects are not for the fainthearted, but the well presented photos make each model look fantastic and well worth the effort. The book is also just the right size to fit propped open on the work bench, which is always useful, especially if you don’t like having a laptop or tablet anywhere near glue, paint or power tools.

If you aren’t familiar with Anderson’s work, or if the only thing you can glue together is your own hands, then this book is probably not for you; they are better visual references out there. However, if you’re a modeller looking for a new project and have always dreamed of a detailed version of Moonbase Alpha, then this is a great resource.

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