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Review: Vader’s Little Princess / Author: Jeffrey Brown / Publisher: Lucas Books / Release Day: May 4th

Just over a year after the release of Darth Vader and Son, which took an amusing look at the father/son relationship between the Sith Lord and his future Jedi offspring, comes the sequel. As the title gives away, this book concentrates on Vader bringing up his daughter, Princess Leia Organa, and anyone who’s a parent – especially a dad – know that the relationship between a father and a daughter is fraught with issues that need to be overcome. This release deviates little from the tone and presentation of the first book, which is a big plus. Too many follow-up books try something new and lose what made them a success in the first place.

We now get to follow the ups and down of raising a rebellious teenage daughter. Some of the highlights include dropping her at school – much to Leia’s embarrassment - in an AT-AT, Vader’s propensity to be over protective when Leia’s boyfriend Han Solo arrives on the scene and his refusal to allow her to go out dressed in that golden bikini. 

It’s not hilariously funny, but fans of the Star Wars universe will find themselves smiling wryly at most of the panels and jokes, probably even more so if they are a father to a little girl. The art is cute and ties in with the overall theme as well. 

Released with perfect timing for Father’s Day, this is a great little present for the Rebel or Imperial father in any family.

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