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Review: Dinocalypse Now / Author: Chuck Wendig / Publisher: Evil Hat Productions / Release Date: April 23rd

When an attempt is made on the life of President Roosevelt, a team of heroes spring into action to dispense two-fisted justice to those behind it. Along the way, a dastardly scheme chock-a-block with sinister lizardmen, super-intelligent apes and, yes, dinosaurs is uncovered. Throw in some weird science, and what we have here is a solid action adventure novel with more than a touch of the incredible.

Chuck Wendig has a fast-paced, easy-flowing style and Dinocalypse Now is an effortless read. Those familiar with Wendig’s previous work will know that he has a talent for creating interesting and compelling protagonists. Even when things are at their most ridiculous (and this is a very silly book), you still care about the heroes; they are likeable and fun. The novel has been structured in short chapters punctuated with thrilling adventure and absurd situations, which makes it ideal reading for those on long journeys with frequent interruptions. This is pulp adventure with all the dials turned up to eleven – a world with square-jawed, jet-pack wearing heroes, exotic locations and psychic dinosaurs. (Pyschosaurs, which isn’t a word but it should be.)

Dinocalypse Now originally appeared as a Kickstarter project and has now been released as a trade paperback. Though it ties in to Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century RPG, no prior knowledge of this product is needed; this is pulp fiction fun at its finest. The level of detail is the sort thing you can expect from a book based on tabletop roleplaying game, but this actually adds to the depth and scope of the story, rather than getting in the way. Fans of The Rocketeer, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Tales of the Gold Monkey will find Dinocalypse Now to be their sort of thing.

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